Josh has not only a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field os strength and conditioning, he has the ability to share that knowledge. A lot of knowledgable trainers have a hard time explaining the rhyme or the reason in a way that everyone understands, Josh has that ability. Besides being a trainer that gets results, Josh has a great personality, making each athlete or client comfortable and looking forward to each workout. If you have goals that need to be achieved, no matter sport specific, weight loss or even bodybuilding Josh will help you reach those goals!
-Brad Leshinske

I got to know Josh by observing his interactions with his clients from a local gym. It peaked my interest because he took his time providing detailed background around why he implemented the training routines he did for them. I was looking to fine tune my training plan and realized based on my observation that Josh would be a good fit for me. He methodically evaluated my fitness, nutrition, and goals and devised a plan to fit those goals into my schedule. He leverages online tools for building training plans and monitoring diet and also makes himself available for face-to-face consult.   

- Geno

Josh is a great trainer. I've had Josh for the last 2 years, and he is my resource for all things athletic. He managed to help me get my fitness levels up while I was playing rugby, and now that I've finished, still motivates me to do the best I can.

In the time I spent training with the guidance of Josh I learned a great deal from him and his wealth of fitness and dietary knowledge. He provided great motivation even on those days when I was just not feeling it and I always left our sessions feeling as though I'd done something worthwhile. I would recommend Josh to anyone looking for some extra attention and guided direction in their fitness goals.
-Julian Burnett

I was a member of Cambridge Athletic Club and decided to sign up for personal training. Based on my feedback in the initial screening Josh was assigned as my trainer. Working with Josh was great! Before we started he spent time figuring out what I was looking to do, which for me was to add strength. The sessions were fun, hard work but well worth it. Over the six month period I saw an amazing improvement in how much weight I could lift and how healthy I felt. Now that my company has moved to a new location, I miss the opportunity of working with Josh and highly recommend him!
-Karen Boater

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